Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why can’t I buy your eBooks from the Nook/iBooks/Kobo store?
Elisa currently has an exclusive eBook contract with Amazon and she is not allowed to publish her eBooks elsewhere. However, you do not need a Kindle to be able to read her eBooks! Please click HERE to learn how you can read her eBooks on any device.

2) When is Elisa’s next book going to be released?
Elisa is currently working on a new, exciting project! Please subscribe at the bottom of the page to receive a message from Elisa when she has news about her next release.

3) Are Elisa’s books available as paperbacks?
Yes, all of Elisa’s books are available as paperbacks. All bookstores can order the TOUCHED saga books upon request! Go to your local store or library and ask them to order the books for you. If you don’t want to wait, click here and order the books online, they will be directly to your home! Once you have the books, line them up all and see what the letters on the spines spell out!

4) Will there be a movie/TV show based on the Touched saga?
It’s possible, but Elisa doesn’t have any news to share at the moment. Click here to subscribe to her email list and you’ll be sure to hear of any updates!
If you’d like to see the stories turned into a movie/TV show, the best thing you can do to help is spread the word to your friends and family about the books! The more people reading them, the more chance there is.

5) Are Elisa’s stories available as audiobooks?
Yes! TOUCHED is now available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes as audiobooks, and more will be available soon. Check the AUDIOBOOKS page.

6) In what order do I read the Touched saga books?
Here is the correct reading order:
There are also two prequel novellas, which you can read before or after the books (it doesn’t matter):
THE MARK OF FATE (Evan’s prequel), THE SHADOW OF FATE (Gemma’s prequel).

7) Will there be more books in the Touched series?
Evan and Gemma’s love story ends with book four, Expiation. However, there will be a SPIN OFF SERIES set in the same world. Can you guess who will be the main character? 😉

8) Is the STRAWTELLA snack that Gemma makes with the ice cream and Nutella real?
Sure! That’s Elisa’s favorite snack! You should definitely try it, it’s delicious!

9) In which languages is TOUCHED available?
You can read TOUCHED in English, Italian and Spanish (HECHIZADA). More languages will be available soon. Click here to receive Elisa’s updates.

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